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Headlines Halacha – The most listened to Torah Program in the world with Dovid Lichtenstein

Headlines Halacha is a weekly podcast that analyzes all current events through the prism of the Torah. All contemporary issues in the Jewish world and the world at large are discussed and debated with Rabbanim, lay leaders and professional from around the globe. From Halacha to Hashkafa – no issue is too big or too thorny to tackle.

Weekly riddles on the Parsha and a Dvar Torah on the Parsha intertwined with current events are included in every podcast. Comments from the listeners & answers to the riddles (in email and audio form) complete the Headlines Halacha experience.

With ten thousands of listeners weekly, Headlines Halacha is the most listened to Torah program in the world.

Headlines Halacha is hosted by DOVID LICHTENSTEIN. Dovid studied for five years in the Mirrer Yeshivah. He has authored several volumes of Mishna Acharonah on the Mishna Berura, in additions to the Headlines book series based on the podcast. Additionally, Mr. Lichtenstein dedicates much of his time and resources to a wide range of organizations and institutions. Among the many projects he has founded is the Friendship House, a chain of nonprofit homes that are adjacent to major hospitals and provide housing for Jewish families and caregivers of loved ones. Mr. Lichtenstein is also the driving force behind Professional Career Services (PCS), an organization that provides career training and job placement services to members of Lakewood’s yeshivah community.