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01/04/24 - SHIUR 450

Amazon in Halacha

Is it permissible to place an order with one-day delivery on a Friday?
If a package arrives on Shabbos, is it permissible to open and use it?
Is it permissible to make an online purchase on Friday when it is already Shabbos in the seller’s time zone, knowing the seller is Jewish?
Is it permissible to keep an Amazon account active during Shabbos and Yom Tov?

Is it permissible to leave negative reviews on products?
Is it permissible to create positive, but fictitious reviews for your own products to enhance sales?

Can one purchase items during the nine days (items like clothes and Keilim that is forbidden to buy in those days), to be delivered after tisha b’av?
Can one purchase item prior to the nine day to be delivered during the nine days?
Can one purchase items on Chol Hamoed (that are forbidden to purchase on Chol Hamoed) to be delivered after Yom Tov?
Can one purchase Chometz on Chol Hamoed to be delivered after Pesach?

Hear from the trenches – How are the Kehilos and families in Eretz Yisroel Managing


Thank you for the wonderful program. This past show had a machlokes between two rabbi’s featured if there would be a problem to buy חמץ on line when it will be received after פסח. The issue of רוצה בקיומו was raised. Although it was not discussed this is an idea discussed about עבודה זרה which the poskim in ת״נ applies to חמץ (a machlokes Rishonim). I would just like to point out in the ספר שמעתתא דמשה (pesakim of Reb Moshe Feinstein) it’s brought
וראוי לציין למש״כ בספר מקנה וקנין בקונטרס חלק הלוי שכתב לצדד שהאיסור רוצה בקיומו הוא רק בחמץ של ישראל או בחמץ שקיבל עליו אחריות, אבל בחמץ של אחרים אינו מחוייב לבערו וכתב שם שכן כתב בנוב״י ובספרו ליקוטי צבי

Another comment from I saw was that no one questions the regular mechiras chometz that there would be an issue of רוצה בקיומו.

It’s Warren Sher from South Africa.
We had a great story that happened during Covid year 2.
On 1st day Pesach, I arrived at Shul early as I was on Shmira. Opposite the Shul is Kosher World and I saw trays of government bread that was delivered that morning stacked up outside the front door of the Shop.

I had so much fun on that shift. First we laughed about the situation and then we started discussing the halachik implications.

Did the bread belong to the Bakery or to the shop. This was particularly relevant during Covid when it was no longer necessary for the buyer or his agent to sign a POD (Proof of Delivery) and the other seller would just take a picture of the good onsite and that would generally be enough to consider the transaction as complete.

The nafka minah would be can a goy take it.
Is it the Sellee, the buyer (who doesn’t want it) or hefker.
If a goy that worked in the store put it in the freezer, could you assume that the lashon of the sale would include this (this was suggested by a big talmid chacham who walked past).

After Yom Tov, I spoke with the owner of the store who confirmed that they had indeed cancelled their standing bread order for the duration of Pesach and it was the mistake of the bakery to deliver.

I just heard the shocking and disgusting voicemails people left this week and realized that I had intended on reaching out after the rally eposode but never did. Sorry that it took this to jog my memory. I wanted to thank you for being the brave voice of reason in sometimes what seems to be a silly cycle of people going with a status quo that makes no sense. It has been a breath of fresh air to hear someone (you!) Seeing the situation and taking a stand when there is no good reason for the yeshivish world to be re/acting in certain ways, especially in the current situation. Thank you for shedding a light on the emes, interviewing the many relevant voices and reviewing the halachos for all issues and especially the israel related ones. I’m sorry that you receive such vile messages from those not grounded in true Torah hashkafa and middos and hope that those are far outweighted in the positive feedback and hakaras hatorav you receive. You provide the community with perspective on such important issues and it is so valued and appreciated. Thank you and may Hashem continue to give you the koach to do so. Kol tov!

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Rabbi Elyada Goldvicht, Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits, Rabbi Yosef Y. Kushner, Rabbi Tsvi Heber
Amazon in Halacha
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Rabbi Elyada Goldvicht, Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits, Rabbi Yosef Y. Kushner, Rabbi Tsvi Heber
Amazon in Halacha
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