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Semichas Chaver

Semichas Chaver is the fastest growing practical halacha chaburah in the world with over 140 locations and 3,000 weekly participants learning the same material.

SCP is a new and innovative halachic program carefully crafted for the needs of a 21st century. You will experience the transmission of our mesorah from the pssukim, all the waythrough the modern day posskim. The program is rich with content that can easily be imparted to your family including Q&A’s for the Shabbos table and comics for kids. The chaburas are fun, engaging and include a focus on the ta’amei hamitzvos.

Upon completion of each topic and successfully passing a written exam, every member will receive the Semicha Chaver certificate signed by Rav Neventzal, Rishon Le’tzion Rav Amar and Rav Schachter.

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