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Headlines by Dovid Lichtenstein


Embark on a fascinating journey through halachah. Dovid Lichtenstein’s new innovative book presents comprehensive halachic analyses of some of the most controversial breaking issues in the modern world.

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Can a person have two halachic mothers?
Advances in fertility treatments have made it possible for an egg to contain components from two different women. Does halacha consider them both the child’s mothers?

How would a Beis Din have handled the Zimmerman trial?
Does halacha require one to escape the scene rather than to kill a pursuer in self-defense?

Will there ever be such a thing as a kosher cheeseburger?
Now that scientists are capable of producing “test tube meat,” are we on our way to seeing a kosher cheeseburger? Should such meat be regarded as a “parve” laboratory product, or is it perhaps no different than ordinary meat?

Is Obamacare halachically acceptable?
From a halachic perspective, should the small percentage of seriously ill patients be given priority over common, basic healthcare needs in the allocation of public funding? What is the public’s obligation toward deathly ill patients?

Was the prisoner exchange for Gilad Shalit halachically sound?
The swap of 1,000 deadly terrorists for a single Israeli soldier sparked considerable controversy and debate in Israel and throughout the Jewish world. Halachically speaking, what price – if any – is too high to pay to release a fellow Jew held captive by a terror group?

Should one vote for a candidate who supports both same-sex marriage and government aid for yeshiva day schools?
With so many vital issues confronting the Orthodox Jewish community today, is it acceptable to vote for candidates who support immoral positions but pledge their firm support in other areas of concern? Which halachos, if any, should inform the decisions of the Orthodox Jewish voter?