Headlines 2 by Dovid Lichtenstein - Halacha Headlines

Headlines 2 by Dovid Lichtenstein


Headlines 2: Halachic Debates of Current Events, a sequel to the highly acclaimed first volume of Headlines.

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Along with the ever expanding advances in technology, comes increased concerns pertaining to privacy rights. When Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik murdered 14 innocent civilians in a terrorist attack, the US Attorney General demanded that apple provide access to information stored on Syed’s iPhone. Apple refused. How does halacha weigh the right to privacy when enforcing such rights may endanger the lives of others?

Religious individuals who have obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD) will often manifest symptoms of OCD in their religious observance. Is a therapist halachically permitted to recommend that a patient curtail or suspend religious observances in the course of OCD treatment?

If a man dies without children, may we retrieve sperm from the deceased man posthumously to impregnate a woman? If a child is born from this procedure what are the Halachic implications of such a birth?

May a single woman get artifically inseminated in order to bear a child? For many women, this option seems to offer a solution to the real difficulties that frequently accompany childness.

DNA evidence is generally considered a reliable and credible form of evidence. Many legal systems admit DNA evidence as a strong, often conclusive form of evidence especially in areas of criminal and family law. To what extent, if any, does halacha admit DNA evidence?

Is a person obligated to donate his or her kidney to save the life of another human being? May one steal a kidney to save one’s own life? Halacha generally prohibits from inflicting bodily harm on oneself or others. Yet, doing so may be the only way to save a life. Is one halachically prohibited, permitted or obligated to inflict harm to save a life?