Headlines 3 by Dovid Lichtenstein - Halacha Headlines

Headlines 3 by Dovid Lichtenstein


Headlines 3, like the first two volumes, presents a variety of case studies showing just how true this is, exploring the application of timeless halachic and ethical principles to the problems and issues facing 21st-century society.

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Do we need to inspect our produce with microscopes and thrip cloths?
Modern kashrus agencies demand strict standards in ensuring that produce is free from even minuscule insects. Given the incontrovertible fact that such standards were not—and could not—be followed in earlier generations, are we to assume that our righteous forebears were in violation of multiple Biblical prohibitions each and every day?

Are “kiddush clubs” acceptable?
Halacha requires us to enjoy wine each week on Shabbos, every Yom Tov, and every Purim. Does this mean that Judaism looks favorably upon drinking?

Does the Torah oppose racism?
Does the concept of עם הנבחר mean that Jews are to see themselves as genetically superior to other nations? Does הלכה עשו שונא ליעקב mean that all non-Jews must be treated as anti-Semites?

Who gets the respirator?
If the hospital staff can save only one of two critically ill Covid patients, how do they decide who gets priority?

What is the Torah’s view of slavery?
Does the halachic institution of עבדים mean that one can force a member of a different nation to be his slave? What the Torah say about the slavery that existed in the American South?

Should women learn Gemara?
Once it has become accepted in Beis Yaakov schools to teach young women advanced level Tanach, halacha and Jewish thought, should they be taught Talmud, as well?