Rally or not to Rally? "Chazir Treif" or Kiddush Hashem - Halacha Headlines
11/24/23 - SHIUR 444

Rally or not to Rally? “Chazir Treif” or Kiddush Hashem

Was the Rally in Washington correct?
In Galus do we keep our heads low, or do we try to garner support?
Do we do Hishtadlus or just Daven?
Do we join in rallies with people who don’t have the same belief system as ours?
Historically, what was the approach of the Gedolim?


Rodney Falk

Thx for your wonderful podcast . Re last week, those of your callers who believe antizionism is separate from antisemitism should watch this
Also, re modern Jews who converted, sadly , David Brooks the NYT columnist who wrote a book on ethics with many quotations from Rav Soloveitchik z L , converted to Catholicism

Tirza Bayewitz

Thank you for this week’s excellent shiur on the importance of showing up at rallies for klal yisrael. You challenged the organisers to explain the absence of at least one “frumma person with a yarmulka.” You must have missed the frum women who were onstage as part of the program. Rachel Goldberg Polin is a shomer shabbos mother of one of the hostages. She wrote in the NYT and spoke at the UN about how her yuntif was shattered on shmini atzeres when she heard what had happened to her son Hersch, who is still in Gaza. In addition, Mijal Bitton is a scholar of American Jewry and teaches Torah in NYC. She has been supporting Jewish NYU students in their efforts to fight antisemitism on campus and leading rallies while wearing a sheitel and quoting from Chumash. When the only acceptable display of a “frumma person” is a Jew who looks exactly like your neighbour in Monsey, it’s clear that we still have a ways to go to learn the lessons of achdus that acheinu bnai yisrael in eretz yisroel have already learned.

Avrumie Friedman

Here’s a link to a guy I went to yeshiva with who converted to Christianity https://youtu.be/0vHz9jD0aiM?si=IiPvI7w-QJlhtG7V

Shloime Baumwolspiner

Thanks for quoting the Rambam in Igeres Teiman. Also the Ohr HaChaim Hakadosh writes so many times about the terrible persecutions at the hands of the Arab/Muslim nations where he lived.
People simply don’t know history. Or call it Selective history.

Levi Vim

Hi I am a massive fan of headlines. I have been listening since the kolko episode around 2016. I was dying of laughter how u pressed R Plotnick against a wall about haskafah. It is so refreshing to know that I am not the only who thinks this Daas Torah concept was taken way out of line. I gain tremendously from hearing a massive talmud chochum with torah views. It is extremally distressing that there are so many frum Jews who support Niturey Karta. How did this fringe group gain so much popularity? I wish there can be a show explaining the real torah preceptive on the army and Medinas Yisroel. As much as I am familiar with the 3 shevous, there is no mention of them in the rishionim. And this whole concept of Israeli Chareidy society does not sit well with me.

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Shiur 365 Riddle


עיין פרק ו מהלכות דעות הטעם שיגדלו בניו לתורה ויר״ש, וא״כ הלא כבר פסק החפץ חיים שאין שיעור חומש לת״ת וק״ו לענין זה

Submitted by Koby Milgraum

Similar question is asked by the הפלאה in kesubos on 63a in the story of reb akiva how can his father in law give over half his money to tzedaka?

The שיטה is medayek in rashi in kesubos on 50a that it is specifically poor people
and doesn’t apply to Talmud Torah. Chafetz CHAIM would say because your zechus in the Torah stays with you (similar by יששכר זבולון(.

Obviously Gemara is saying in pesachim that it will help the learning to marry a daughter of Talmid Chacham in which case no limit

Thanks for the shows!

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Mr. Malcolm Hoenlein, Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz, Rabbi Moshe Don Kestenbaum, Rabbi Henoch Plotnick
Rally or not to Rally? “Chazir Treif” or Kiddush Hashem
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Mr. Malcolm Hoenlein, Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz, Rabbi Moshe Don Kestenbaum, Rabbi Henoch Plotnick
Rally or not to Rally? “Chazir Treif” or Kiddush Hashem
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