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10/31/21 - SHIUR 343 (23,928 Downloads)

Take a dip into the Halachos of Mikvaos

Mikvaos for men: Is there any source for going to the Mikvah every day? Did the Tanoim, Amoraim and Rishonim go? How about on Erev Shabbos? Are you allowed to go to a hot Mikvah on Shabbos? What about a cold Mikvah on Shabbos?
People who are far away from a Mikvah, can they use the ocean or rivers?
What does it really cost to build a Mikvah? How do you build one?
Hear the fascinating story of the discovery of the Rashab’s Mikvah – The first Mikvah in the world built with a Bor Al Gabei Bor


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