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02/01/24 - SHIUR 454 (25,922 Downloads) Hosted By: Rabbi Ari Wasserman

Raising unspoiled children in a spoiled world

How much should parents do for their children?
What are parents’ financial obligations to their children? Is there a maximum?
What causes a child to be spoiled?
Is it detrimental to grow up with less than your peers?
Do we need to treat all of our own children the same when buying them items?
What are the implications of having a spoiled child when they grow up?

08/04/22 - SHIUR 382 (16,702 Downloads) Hosted By: Rabbi Ari Wasserman

Parenting – What makes “successful” children? What are common mistakes which should be avoided?

What are the most important character traits we should teach our children?
What’s the main challenge in raising children?
How do we teach kids how to wake up, and generally be independent?
How about to be compassionate and caring people?
How has parenting changed over the past 30 years?

06/16/22 - SHIUR 375 (25,408 Downloads) Hosted By: Rabbi Ari Wasserman

“Off MY Derech” (but still “On THE Derech”) – When children turn out more observant – or less observant – than their parents had hoped

What are the major areas of tension between parents and children regarding religious observance?
How should the issues be handled by both parent and child?
Are there differences between baalei tshuvah, modern orthodox and yeshivish in this regard?
Does Kibud Av Ve’eim mean that the child needs to fulfill the desires of the parents, even when the child disagrees?
Must children eat by parents when the children have stricter standards of Kashrus?
Can parents eat by children who have laxer standards?

04/25/20 - SHIUR 269 (19,854 Downloads) Hosted By: Rabbi Avrohom Kahan

Divorces and Parent Alienation: What’s the Halacha and Hashkafic Approach

How should a person deal with deal with parental alienation? What mistakes are being made? Divorce in the frum community, protecting the children, Bais Din vs. secular court

02/04/17 - SHIUR 103 (4,536 Downloads)

Do we still love a child that has become an apikorus?, Secular studies in Mesivta – Chiyuv or Bitul Torah? | How happy and adjusted are children of single women who have elected to have a child via a sperm donor?

Is there unconditional love for child that’s an apikorus? Keep in the house or not?

Should a child prodigy go to secular studies in high school?

How happy and adjusted are children of single women who have elected to have a child via a sperm donor?

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