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09/04/21 - SHIUR 337 (20,000 Downloads)

Sukkos Part 1 – How to shop for the Daled Minim, How to make a Sukkah, The Mitzvah of sitting in a Sukkah

What to look for when buying an Esrog? What’s the minimum to be Yotzei and what’s a Hiddur? What’s the difference between the different types of Esrogim? What does the Hechsher on the Esrog box mean? and much more…

What to be careful about when making a Sukkah? What mats are Kosher for Schach? What to do if your mat rolled up on Yom Tov? Can you go on a trip to a place that doesn’t have a Sukkah? Is someone who’s sleeping obligated in the Mitzvah of Sukkah? and much more…

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