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Mr. Avi Shick

09/23/22 - SHIUR 389 (21,506 Downloads)

The Kashrus scandal in the (non) Kosher Chinese Express in Manalapan | The New York State Board of Regents vote regarding Yeshivos

The Kashrus scandal in the Chinese Restaurant
Are our restaurants and Kosher establishments really Kosher?
What can we do to ensure that these incidents don’t happen again?

Yom Hadin comes early for our Yeshivos!!
The New York State Board of Regents vote
How are we supposed to look at it?
Hear both sides of the debate

01/28/22 - SHIUR 356 (27,288 Downloads)

Who owns a yeshivah? Who owns a Shul?

Who owns the money of a Yeshivah?
Can a Rosh Yeshivah sell his Yeshivah in America and relocate the Yeshivah to Eretz Yisroel?
Does the administration have a right to pocket the money if the Yeshivah folds, or does the money have to be given to another Yeshivah ?
Does the donor get back his money or get to decide where the money goes?
Do the legal laws of nonprofits apply to Yeshivos – Dina d’Malchusa Dina?
Can a Rosh Yeshivah take a severance package? How much? Is 21 million dollars too much?
What happened by the dispute of the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s libary

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