597 Yosef Vigler - Halacha Headlines

Rabbi Yosef Vigler

09/08/23 - SHIUR 435 (22,198 Downloads)

מי אנכי שאזכה להתפלל – The Halachos and beauty of Tefillah – The decorum in Shul

If a person knows that he only if he Davens everything he won’t have Kavanah & he Davens less he’ll have can he skip anything? If yes which parts can he skip?
If a person can’t have Kavanah because he doesn’t understand the language should he Daven in English?
Should a person Daven at length at the expense of learning Torah?
If a person can compose his own Tefilah is that better than davening the standard (more personal & heartfelt when coming from the composer- more than he can relate to Chazal’s Tefillos).
Where’s the source(s) of not talking during davening? If the only minyan he has is one which they talk in is it better to Daven Byechidus?
Is it better to Daven with a Minyan without a hat and jacket or B’Yechidus with a hat and jacket?
Is there any reason to daven Pesukei D’zimra with a minyan or come to Shul for Borchu? Likewise Kabbalas Shabbos with a minyan or just come for Maariv?
Someone who’s not dressed properly for Davening but if he waits until he gets his clothing he won’t have a minyan should he daven with the minyan dressed as is or wait?
Someone is on the beach with only a bathing suit and it’s getting night and he didn’t Daven Mincha and by the time he gets clothes it’ll be too late to Daven?
If someone is traveling and doesn’t have a siddur and he doesn’t remember all the words of Shemone Esrei just most can he Daven with skipping some words? (Also Tefilas Haderech)
Someone is not feeling well and is sleeping should they be woken up to say Krias Shma and Daven before the Zman?
What takes precedence if you can’t do both Tefillah BTzibbur or Krias Hatorah?
A Shul doesn’t say Tachnun for no good reason do you have to say afterwards by yourself?
That was it says in Shulchan Aruch to give Tzedaka before Davening does this include Tzedaka to non-Jews?

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