718 Yechiel Greenblatt - Halacha Headlines

Rabbi Yechiel Greenblatt

07/04/24 - SHIUR 473 (18,922 Downloads) Hosted By: Rabbi Ari Wasserman

Supporting a son or son-in-law in learning – is it a good investment?

Is there an obligation to support a son (or son-in-law) in learning?
If the father (or father-in-law) commits to support, can he get out of it, for example when business is bad?
Does living comfortably facilitate or get in the way of quality learning?
Is it best to fund the strongest learner, the neediest person, or a relative?

09/19/22 - SHIUR 388 (19,210 Downloads) Hosted By: Rabbi Ari Wasserman

Quick Retirements – Should it be our goal to retire as quickly as possible? Is retirement a good idea?

Do you need to stop working when you have enough money to learn full time?
How should a wife handle the husband being around? What’s the impact on the children?
What happens when the husband traifs up the kitchen preparing his own lunch?
How much money do you need to save to retire?
When do you need to start planning for it?
What’s the impact of retirement on our health and memory?

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