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07/01/22 - SHIUR 377 (27,864 Downloads)

The Court’s ruling: LGBTQIA clubs at Yeshiva University: What comes next?

When a Yeshiva is compelled by the government to take action that is K’Neged HaTorah, are they obligated to shut down in lieu of complying?
Does the Yeshiva have to split off from the University and re-open as a separate new and independent Yeshiva?
If the Yeshiva follows the government’s orders, is one permitted to continue teaching there?
Is the University institute permitted to remain open if it is forced to take action that is K’Neged HaTorah?
How should Orthodox Jewry as a whole react even if their own Yeshiva is not affected?
Is this reminiscent of the closing of Yeshivas Volozhin?

02/06/21 - SHIUR 309 (26,304 Downloads) Hosted By: Rabbi Ari Wasserman

The Torah view of Alternative lifestyles, Liberalism, and Progressivism

Which liberal and progressive ideas conflict with the Torah? How should Jewish institutions handle LGBT pressures by a member? How does the secular view of sexuality compare to that of the Torah? Should we educate our children about these issues, or keep silent? Should someone with these beliefs and/or practices be distanced? Not given an Aliya?

11/07/15 - SHIUR 42 (1,566 Downloads)

Discrimination and the situation in Israel today | Vaccination in Halacha | Alternative Lifestyles | Smoking in Halacha | Elana Silber of Sharsheret

Discrimination and the Situation in Israel today Vaccination in Halacha Alternative Lifestyles Smoking in Halacha Ilana Silver of Sharsheret: An Organization that helps Women with Breast Cancer

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