383 Sivan Rahav Meir - Halacha Headlines

Mrs. Sivan Rahav Meir

09/14/23 - SHIUR 436 (25,200 Downloads) Hosted By: Rabbi Ari Wasserman

Making 5784 into “THE YEAR”

What’s your favorite Yamim Noraim devar Torah?
What’s your advice for improving ourselves?
What’s worked for you?

03/02/19 - SHIUR 210 (20,064 Downloads) Hosted By: Rabbi Benjamin Goldschmidt

Kiruv Rechokim in a Politically Correct World: How to do Kiruv today in Halacha and Hashkafah

First English interview with the chief rabbi
What to learn with someone taking their first steps in Judaism? What’s more important to learn -Tefillah or Torah (in a day school that can’t accommodate both)? Could we edit what we teach?

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