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Rabbi Shlomo Brody

03/14/24 - SHIUR 460 (22,992 Downloads)

זכרון לנצח – Preserving the memory of Fallen Soldiers Through Posthumous Retrieval of זרע for Procreation

Is it permitted, forbidden or a Mitzvah?
Are you מקיים פריה וריבה?
Does it exempt you from חליצה?
Is there an issue of ניוול המת?
Is there an issue of הנאה ממת?
Is there an issue of ביטול מצוות קבורה?
Are there any moral issues?

11/17/23 - SHIUR 443 (23,774 Downloads)

Neturei Karta – Is Hatzalah allowed to save them on Shabbos? | Halacha Perspective on Warfare

Neturei Karta – Is Hatzalah allowed to save them on Shabbos?
Does the conflict in Gaza qualify as a מלחמת מצוה according to הלכה? In this case, is there a duty for individuals to join from distant locations? Are students from ישיבות required to participate?
Concerning unintended harm in warfare, such as civilian casualties: if a terrorist uses a taxi as a getaway vehicle, is it permissible to target the vehicle, risking the driver’s life? What is the stance on targeting buildings?
Is there a חיוב to bury terrorists according to Jewish law?
Laws of war according to the Geneva convention

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