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Rabbi Gideon Weitzman

03/14/24 - SHIUR 460 (23,036 Downloads)

זכרון לנצח – Preserving the memory of Fallen Soldiers Through Posthumous Retrieval of זרע for Procreation

Is it permitted, forbidden or a Mitzvah?
Are you מקיים פריה וריבה?
Does it exempt you from חליצה?
Is there an issue of ניוול המת?
Is there an issue of הנאה ממת?
Is there an issue of ביטול מצוות קבורה?
Are there any moral issues?

08/11/23 - SHIUR 431 (24,036 Downloads)

Navigating the Halachic landscape of vacation

What can you buy in a store without a Hechsher?
Halachos of Cholov Stam 
Going mixed swimming with family
Taking a walk on the boardwalk
Sitting next to women on planes
Should you visit a Beis Hakvaros?
Are you allowed to Daven to the dead or just in the Zechus of the dead?
Can expectenat ladies go to a Beis Hakvaros?
Can a Kohein go to Kivrei Tzadikim?
Putting on a Tallis and Tefillin by Kivrei Tzadikim
And much more……

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